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Forever Families: Raven, Ra’Shoun & Timothy


Raven, Ra’Shoun, and Timothy are looking for a forever family that will keep them together and allow them to grow and flourish.

Raven is the oldest and is caring, selfless and considerate, especially when it comes to her brothers. She's a social butterfly who enjoys dancing and singing, but her talents don’t stop there. She’s also a gifted artist who brings characters to life by the stories she tells.

Ra'Shoun is energetic and enjoys playing outside and spending time with his siblings. 

Youngest brother, Timothy is loving and likes to give big hugs. Although he is non-verbal, he communicates with gestures. Like his brother, he also enjoys playing outside.

This sibling group needs a forever family who will welcome them into their homes and hearts and help them have a bright future. If you're interested in adopting these sweet siblings. or want to learn more about adoption, visit heartgallerytexas.com.

Photo by Jeida Mitchell Photography

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