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Forever Families: Omar


This polite and quiet 15-year-old.enjoys participating in sports like football, basketball, and track, as well as hanging out with friends and participating in after-school activities. Omar also enjoys listening to Latin Pop and Reggaeton music, and has love for tennis shoes, especially Nikes and Jordans. Omar loves to show his creativity by changing up his hairstyle by letting it grow long or getting it cut according to the latest trends. Omar excels academically and is well-liked at school.

An ideal forever family for Omar would be a family where he is the youngest sibling. He would love some older siblings to look up to. He will thrive with an active family, and do well in a family with both a mother and father.

If you're interested in adopting Omar or would like more information about adoption, visit https://partnershipsforchildren.org/heartgallery/omar/.

Photo by Judy Fraustro

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