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Recipes: Soups

  • Sopa de Fideo: A Winter Soup Kids Will Love

    Sopa de Fideo: A Winter Soup Kids Will Love

    If you're looking for a winter soup your kids won't complain about, then try this recipe for Sopa de Fideo. 

    by Gabriela Fuller
    Posted January 30, 2018

  • Pumpkin Soup

    Pumpkin Soup

    If you are looking for an unusual but healthy soup, try this recipe for pumpkin soup. It's a treat any time of the year.

    by Kimi Coupe
    Posted February 16, 2016

  • Cabbage and Beef Stew

    Cabbage and Beef Stew

    Cabbage and Beef Stew is an inexpensive easy recipe that is low fat and very satisfying. To make it even healthier, try adding additional vegetables like celery, carrots or green beans.

    by Kimi Coupe
    Posted February 10, 2016

  • Santa Fe Stew

    Santa Fe Stew

    Santa Fe Stew, known by many as Taco Soup, is an inexpensive recipe that is quick to prepare and can be frozen to serve later when you don't have time to cook.  It's a versatile recipe that you can personalize easily by adding or deleting ingredients to suit your taste.

    by Kimi Coupe
    Posted September 03, 2015

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