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Forever Families: Maurice, Maurshayla & Maurticia

Maurice (16), Maurshayla (14), and Maurticia (12) are a close-knit group of siblings who depend on each other in unique and independent ways. They love spending time together and have vibrant, yet opposite, personalities. Maurice, the jokester, loves teasing his siblings and having a good time. He is active in sports and enjoys listening to music. Maurshayla is more laid-back and can be quiet at times. She loves reading and going to school. Maurticia, the youngest, is often the most vocal of the group. She loves playing video games and has no problem expressing her feelings.

The best family for these three siblings will be an active, patient, and understanding single mother, or a two-parent home with a mother and father. Maurice, Maurshayla, and Maurticia will thrive in a home where they can stay together and where the parents have experience raising teenagers. It is crucial that their family understands and maintains their strong sibling connection. Maurice would love a father he can share sports and music activities with. A family that can provide the attention, care, love, and proper guidance they need and help them adjust to life's changes is ideal. Maurice, Maurshayla, and Maurticia need a structured setting and a home that can provide security and long-term permanence. Most importantly, their family will adopt them and love them forever.

If you’re interested in adopting Maurice, Maurshayla, and Maurtricia, or would like to learn more about adoption, visit www.partnershipsforchildren.org/heartgallery/maurchelle-maurice-maurshayla-maurtricia.

Photo by Amanda Rodriguez

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Jessa McClure

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