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Forever Families: Adryan

It's been quite a year, not just for Texas families but for kids in foster care waiting on a forever family. Adryan (AJ) is a smart, athletic 13-year-old who is ready to settle into a new school and start his next chapter with a family that will be with him through thick and thin.

He does well in math and hopes to be tested for Gifted & Talented classes at his next school. But that depends on YOU. A family with an open heart and committed to providing a loving, stable home for AJ. He would like to stay in Texas so he can stay in touch with his three younger siblings. According to his caseworker, AJ would love to join an active family that likes sports and will let him play basketball and football, two of his favorites.

More than anything AJ says he wants someone that "cares about me." Right now there are approximately 980 children in foster care in Central Texas. If you'd like to adopt AJ and make a difference in a child's life go to heartgallerytexas.com.

Photo courtesy of: Joanna at Hearth & Woodland 






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About the Author

Lindsay Liepman

Lindsay Liepman

Lindsay Liepman is a Central Texas native. The Emmy-award winning broadcast journalist is also the host of "Texas Voices." She is the mom to four children and is an advocate for children in foster care and adoption.


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