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Plan a Staycation for your Family with these Tips

It’s easy to find things to do while on vacation in a new town. But it can be harder to look at your hometown through new eyes. You get used to doing the same things every weekend and it’s easy to ignore the “touristy” moments. 

Here are some tricks you can use to create excitement for a fun weekend or a staycation.

Plan ahead

A simple online search of your town or a call to your local tourism office will bring up anything noteworthy that other people know about your town. You may already know about most things that pop up, but you could be surprised. 

Sketch out a general plan for each day. You don’t have to cram something into every minute. Just jot down a few things to do and take your time enjoying them.

Look for new stores or restaurants

Create a list of new stores and restaurants that you haven’t visited yet. A lot of people go to their favorite places, but now is the perfect time to try something new for a fresh look at your town. Don’t be afraid of new foods or experiences. That’s half the fun!

Find the experiences

When you go on vacation you look for things to do and experience. That’s what makes it memorable. Now you can do it at home! Find interesting activities you wouldn’t normally do. This could be museums, escape rooms, the zoo, bike tours or water sport rentals. Balance this out by embracing the quiet moments like ice cream shops, hiking trails, picnics and feeding ducks at the park. 

Create an adventure

Create a city-wide scavenger hunt where people have to do something, retrieve something or take a photo in each spot. Split up in two cars and bring friends along for a creative activity that is sure to create laughs and memories.

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About the Author

Katelyn Kasper

Katelyn Kasper

Katelyn is a photographer and certified event planner with Kasper Creations. She has a BA in Mass Communication/Public Relations from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor and an MBA from Tarleton State University. When she's not writing, Katelyn enjoys spending time with her husband and baby boy.

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