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Spotlight on Temple Kids Dental

Wildflowers are in full bloom in Central Texas, and not just outside. Bluebonnets, and other native flora and fauna, have made their way into the treatment rooms and décor of Temple’s newest pediatric dental practice, Temple Kids Dental.

Dentists Dr. Aaron Blackwelder, DDS, MS, and Dr. Tjel Olson, DMD, decided to expand into the Temple area after the realization that many of their patients were traveling to their Waco office from Bell County.

“We love serving children in Temple, and we look forward to meeting the needs of all of the children in Central Texas,” Dr. Blackwelder said.

When the doctors heard about the retiring of a beloved Temple dentist, they knew it would be a great opportunity to serve patients who were already in need of a new doctor.

But before they could take over as the new dentists in town, they needed to make their new facility as kid-friendly as their Waco office.

“We changed everything from the floors to the walls,” Dr. Blackwelder said. “It’s a completely different theme.”

The office, that sits conveniently on Bird Creek Drive in Temple, has also been outfitted with the latest in dental technology.

“We have digital technology for X-rays, as well as for the patient’s dental records, intraoral cameras, and lasers,” he said. “Even our payment system and the way we work with insurance companies has all been updated to make it the best possible environment for children.”

Patients who visit the office will also have the chance to play with iPads and watch ceiling-mounted TVs during their visits.

But although the facility comes with all new bells and whistles, Dr. Blackwelder said the most important aspect of a child’s dental visit should be the education they get from the dentist.

“We want to teach children about their growth, their mouths, and their overall oral hygiene,” he said. “It goes a long way with what they do with their parents every day.”

Along with a dental education, Temple Kids Dental also offers services that most pediatric practices don’t like sedation, general anesthesia, services for children with special medical needs, and even services for babies with tongue or lip ties.

“We want to establish a family-friendly environment that children can thrive in,” Dr. Blackwelder said.

For more information about Temple Kids Dental, visit their website at templekidsdental.com

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Jessa McClure

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