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Field Trip & Enrichment Guide 

Welcome to the Central Texas Field Trip and Enrichment Guide, compiled by Hooray for Family! Whether you are a teacher planning a school field trip, a scout leader organizing an outing, a PTA president designing a fundraiser, or a parent searching for a weekend adventure – don't look any further! 

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Field Trips

  • Recipe for a Perfect Field Trip

    Recipe for a Perfect Field Trip

    We’ll give you the right tools, add in a healthy dose of creativity, and voila, you’ll have the perfect, step-by-step recipe for a memorable field trip.

  • Tips on Planning a Focused Field Trip

    Tips on Planning a Focused Field Trip

    It certainly takes some serious planning and teamwork to create a successful well-focused field trip. Here are five pre-trip steps to help maximize the learning value of any field trip.

  • Preparing Your Students for a Field Trip

    Preparing Your Students for a Field Trip

    Quality pre-planning is essential to the success of any field trip! Here are some general tips on preparing the students so that the quality of learning is maximized!

  • Field Trip Checklist

    Field Trip Checklist

    All successful field trips are planned months, even a year, in advance, are each detail is checked and doubled checked. So we've made it easy for you. Here's a checklist from start to finish to help keep you organized! Be sure to print out your own checklist at (link)

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