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Summer Snacking Made Simple

When it comes to the cries, “Mom, I’m hungry. What is there to eat?” or the endless, “Can I have…” requests, try these tricks to keep summer snacking simple and healthy.

Refills for Youngster’s Drinks

Tired of having to dispense refill after refill of your child’s drinks? I recently purchased two plastic drink dispensers from the local grocery store for $8 and put our 4-year-old’s favorite drinks in them. After we cleared a shelf in the refrigerator for the dispensers at a height he could reach, we showed him how they worked. Now after asking for a refill, he is able to exercise some independence (which he is proud to do) as he dispenses his own juice or whole milk.

Keep it Appealing & Eye-level

Marketing works on our youngsters just like it does on adults. In our household, if a banana has a Despicable Me minion sticker on it, it’s more likely to be eaten. Back when our oldest was deciding he only liked baby foods that had fruit in them and was avoiding veggies, my mother had the brilliant idea of adding stickers from the Cars movie onto the food pouches that were vegetable flavored. It worked.

It’s no secret, keeping healthier alternatives at eye-level and marketing them using what we know our kids like can make an impact. I’m also not too proud to pay the extra few cents at the gas station for “SpiderMan water” if it means he won’t be downing another bottle of chocolate milk or begging for sweet tea.

Food On-The-Go

Summer break can be busy for families. A little preparation before a big trip or short excursion to the local zoo can keep you and your youngsters from hunger. No one wants “hangry” kids in the car. To combat this, I keep a Larabar or two in my purse at all times. I also try to keep a Ziploc bag of the kids’ favorite cheddar crackers or cereal handy.

Shopping Smarter

What did our parents do before online shopping? (Leave us at grandma’s house I guess!) Besides the freedom and ease of shopping without children, online shopping also helps me stick to the list and refrain from impulse purchases.

When I was pregnant with our third child, using H-E-B curbside became a necessity. Most grocery stores charge a small fee and/or add a percentage of your grocery total to cover the benefit of someone else doing your shopping. For our family, our budget, and my sanity, it’s been worth it! I frequently use the “previously purchased” section to make sure I don’t forget any of our kids’ favorite healthy go-tos when shopping.

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About the Author

Kennan Buckner

Kennan Buckner

Kennan is a wife and stay-at-home mom to Jaxson, Caden, and Emilyn. She has a BA in Mass Communication/Journalism from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor and has many years of experience as a writer and photographer. She now uses her skills to run Marken Media Co.(www.markenmediaco.com), a company she owns with her husband Marcus.


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