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Ideas for the Perfect Picnic

It’s National Picnic Month, so that means it’s time to dust off that picnic blanket at the top of the closet and pack some treats for a fun day away from electronics and obligations. Here are some ways to make outdoor eating a fun experience for all involved. 

Make Food Fun

Kids love the idea of eating outside, but they might not be as excited if they’re getting the same lunch they’d get inside on a rainy day. So, if you have the time and energy, try presenting picnic items in a fun way. You could cut a sandwich into fun shapes, create your own Lunchable with sliced ham, cheese and crackers, or offer fruit salad ice cream cones.

Find Shade

Your picnic will be much more enjoyable for all involved if you can find a place to lay out your blanket or set up your picnic table that is out of direct sunlight. Not only will this cut down on sunburns, but it will also keep food from melting or going bad as quickly. If you are going to a park where there’s not a lot of natural shade, you can pack a canopy or find a covered picnic table. 

Bring Additional Entertainment

If you’re hoping for an enjoyable family day, then it might be a good idea to pack some additional ways to entertain your kids. While a nearby playground will do the trick for a while, you might need a back up to keep them from cutting your time short. This could be anything from bubbles to frisbees to water guns. You can even create a box or container of items that are only used for picnics and days out at the park. This will make them even more exciting when you pull them out. 

Bring Clean-Up Supplies

If your children are like mine, they will not only get their lunch all over their face, but they will be slathered in whatever elements are found in nature by the end of the day. For everyone’s sake, bring clean-up supplies like baby wipes, plastic grocery sacks, extra pairs of shoes or clothes, and a few towels. 

Leave the Park the Way You Found it

Not only is it National Picnic Month, but it is also National Recreation and Parks Month. This is the perfect opportunity to teach your children about keeping parks and outdoor areas clean and well-kept. Throw away trash, obey posted signs and leave the park the way you found it.

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Jessa McClure

Jessa McClure

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