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Mom Squad Tries: Mt. Playmore

On a hot summer morning in late June, the girls and I made the trek down I-35 to north Austin to check out MT Playmore in Austin, TX.

We arrived around noon to find a very modest crowd. This was great because it meant it would be easier to keep tabs on the girls. Using the Pogo Pass app was a breeze. A few simple barcode clicks and we were in. The attendant was actually one of my UMHB PR majors, so we were greeted by a friendly face!

MT Playmore prides itself on child safety, and I could tell it was priority right away. My daughters and I were all stamped with a matching number (that appears in black light upon exiting the venue).

After we received our stamps, we passed through the entrance gate into a world of wonder.

What sets aside this facility apart from similar places was the massive two-story, Texas-sized playscape. As first-time visitors, we were most impressed by this feature. NOTE: Be sure to bring socks --- these are required in several areas.

For those with toddlers (approximately 2 and under), there’s an enclosed area called Kiddie Kanyon with age appropriate toys and activities. My 3-year-old spent a total of five minutes cruising around the Kanyon and then we were off to bigger and better things.

I ended up purchasing $40 in credit that was added to a set of game cards that allowed my girls to play in the arcade and ride various kiddie attractions. The game cards logged the tickets the kids won, which is an ideal concept because then parents don’t have to keep track of hundreds of paper tickets.

In about 30 minutes, my girls accumulated 450 tickets. So on our way to the exit, we stopped at the prize redemption counter and the girls poured over all the colorful choices of toys and candy. Needless to say we walked out with an armful of treasures.

Not only did Mt. Playmore cater to the kids, but it also provided numerous leather couches and strategically-placed TVs in the center of the playscape so parents could relax while keeping an eye on the kiddos.

The bathrooms were also clean and spacious (which is always a plus).

We spent a total of two entertaining hours at MT Playmore, and we’d give it two thumbs up!

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About the Author

Avery Green

Avery Green

Avery has worked as an assistant professor in the Communication and Media Studies Department at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor since 2005. She is the Program Coordinator for the PR degree and oversees student internships. She earned her Accreditation in PR (APR) in 2015. She teaches classes in journalism, editing, public relations and social media. Avery also serves as a Subject-Matter-Expert in communication for UMHB’s myWay program. She earned an MA degree in Mass Communication at Texas State University and a BS degree in Journalism/Speech Communication from Texas A&M University. Avery and her husband Chad have two beautiful girls, Anya and Elise. When she is not teaching or chauffeuring kiddos to and from activities, she enjoys traveling. 

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