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Mom Squad Tries: Time Out Sitters

Hooray for Family Mom Squad Mom, Gabriela Fuller tried out the local babysitting service--Time Out Sitters. Here is her experience. 

As a parent, it is difficult to leave your children in another person's care. I am personally very picky about who I leave my children with. I can count the number of people I trust with my children on one hand.

But, my husband and I were way past due for a date night, so I contacted Time Out Sitters. I felt comfortable from the moment I started the process. After creating your profile, you then proceed to book a time with the date you require services. Then you will be matched with a sitter based on your family’s needs. The Waco Time Out Sitters coordinator, Lauren, does a remarkable job making sure she matches you to the perfect sitter.

From there, you will receive a text that they have received your request. The sitter will then call you to confirm your appointment.

Our sitter was very punctual and was ready to take care of our children, so we could take care of ourselves. Our very first impression with her was great, which put our minds at ease. The most important thing for me was that my children felt comfortable before me and my husband headed out for our date, including our picky toddler. Everyone seemed to like our sitter right away.

My husband loved that we were provided with a report card for each child. It provides information about everything from what they ate and drank to the activities they participated in.

Time Out Sitters not only provides childcare services for date nights, overnight trips, workdays, weekends, groups, on-site childcare (office, church or multi-day events), emergencies and special needs (from allergies to sign language to special care), but they also provide pet sitting and house-sitting services. They provide services in Austin, San Antonio and Waco.

As a parent, I honestly recommend Time Out Sitters for all your childcare needs. So, next time you need a time out—because let’s face it, parents need a time out, too—or need a sitter for your fur baby, Time out Sitters is a great choice. They provide exceptional service and you will be comfortable every step of the way.

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About the Author

Gabriela Fuller

Gabriela Fuller

Gabriela is wife to husband, Aaron, and mom to four boys! She is a full-time mom, works as a substitute teacher, and owns her own cleaning business. She runs the Facebook group, I Only Make Boys, where she enjoys chronicling her boys' crazy adventures and sharing wisdom with other boymoms. 

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