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Kindness is Contagious, So Pass it On

On the heels of celebrating MLK Day and the numerous Kindness Marches that were held to celebrate, we embark on the many acts of kindness that naturally occur during the month of February, particularly on Valentine’s Day and
Random Acts of Kindness Day.

National Random Acts of Kindness Day, which is celebrated on Feb. 17, 2020, is celebrated by individuals, groups and organizations to encourage acts of kindness. Online resources offer many ideas on how to spark ideas for kindness in an educational setting. Additionally, check out this 2020 Workplace Calendar for what you can do to incorporate kindness into your daily work routine.

Kindness is a life-long virtue. Children often model adult behavior, so it goes without saying adults should actively try to incorporate random acts of kindness in their daily lives. We need to show our kids that when authentic acts of kindness occur, there’s no expectation of getting something in return.

It’s been suggested that the late Fred Rogers embodied the epitome of kindness. A recent NBC News article recognized that in this day and age, kindness is needed now more than ever. For an in-depth look at what kindness truly looks like, be sure to see "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood," starring Tom Hanks. The film was inspired by the true story behind beloved, children's TV icon Fred Rogers.

10 random acts of kindness:

  • Smile.
  • Hold the door open.
  • Give an honest compliment.
  • Thank someone who you appreciate.
  • Be a good listener.
  • Offer your help to someone.
  • Ask the person who's serving you how their day is going.
  • Treat someone to coffee or tea.
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About the Author

Avery Green

Avery Green

Avery has worked as an assistant professor in the Communication and Media Studies Department at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor since 2005. She is the Program Coordinator for the PR degree and oversees student internships. She earned her Accreditation in PR (APR) in 2015. She teaches classes in journalism, editing, public relations and social media. Avery also serves as a Subject-Matter-Expert in communication for UMHB’s myWay program. She earned an MA degree in Mass Communication at Texas State University and a BS degree in Journalism/Speech Communication from Texas A&M University. Avery and her husband Chad have two beautiful girls, Anya and Elise. When she is not teaching or chauffeuring kiddos to and from activities, she enjoys traveling. 

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