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How to Have a Fresh Start Everyday

Did you know it's a proven fact that checking things off your to-do list increases motivation because it makes progress visible to the brain? But what happens when you are not able to cross things off?

About a month ago, I wrote out a list of things I wanted to get paid off and things we needed to buy. I was so happy because I was going to be able to pay off a hospital bill I'd been making small payments on, and then something else came up and I was not able to pay it off. I felt horrible.

Being stressed about an unchecked item happens more than I would like to admit. I write lists for things I have to get done daily, weekly and monthly and most of the time I can’t get everything done. I either put them off or life happens, and it stays there on the list, not crossed off.

It's stressful, but I have come to realize that things don't always happen our way or when we want them to happen. I told myself it was time for a fresh start.

Here are some ways I’m making that happen:

1. I wake up every morning and tell myself, "today is a good day for a fresh start.”

2. If something isn't going as planned at home or work I take a deep breath and start over.

3. I try not to stress about things that I can't control – like the stained rug I need to clean, or the clothes I meant to donate a month ago that are still sitting in my trunk.

Take life one day at a time. Stress is a choice. Busy is a choice. Happiness is a choice. Choose well.

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About the Author

Gabriela Fuller

Gabriela Fuller

Gabriela is wife to husband, Aaron, and mom to four boys! She is a full-time mom, works as a substitute teacher, and owns her own cleaning business. She runs the Facebook group, I Only Make Boys, where she enjoys chronicling her boys' crazy adventures and sharing wisdom with other boymoms. 

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