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Help Your Teen Prepare for the Unexpected with an “Emergency Pack”

As our kids get older, we have less control over what happens during their day at school, which means they might be handling unexpected situations by themselves. In order to prepare them for these unplanned events, send them with an emergency kit that will allow them to feel comfortable dealing with the ups and downs of teenhood when you can’t be there to help. 

For Girls

Before your young lady heads out the door, make sure her backpack has a pouch full of these must-need items. You can use an old makeup bag or buy her a new one. Zip it up and slip it into a discreet pocket or zippered area of her school bag, and she’ll be ready to handle anything that comes her way. 

Lip balm – You don’t want her lips to look like two shriveled grapes, especially in the winter. Dry, cracked lips can be painful and unflattering. 

Deodorant – Let’s face it. Teenage stink is worse than little kid stink and using deodorant before and after PE is helpful to everyone involved.

Hand sanitizer – Every surface in a school building is covered in grubby, kid germs. So, using a little hand sanitizer before lunch is imperative to keeping that immune system strong. 

Tissues – For those unexpected mood swings that leave your preteen or teenage girl in a puddle of tears. Also, Texas allergies. Enough said.

Bobby pins – Whether you’re pinning back a loose strand of hair or picking your locker’s stubborn lock, bobby pins are always useful to have around. 

Feminine products – No girl wants to be caught off guard without period protection. So, having some feminine products stashed away for an emergency will give you and your girl peace of mind. 

Gum/mints – If your daughter really likes Taki’s or Hot Cheetos, you’ll want to make sure she is equipped with something that will tame that spicy breath after lunch. 

For Boys

Send your young man out into the world prepared to fight bad smells and bad hair days with a pouch filled with these items. He will thank you for it….in a few years.

Comb A comb and a little water from the boys’ bathroom can tame a floppy hairstyle in minutes. 

Mouthwash/breath spray – Your son’s affinity for eating pizza for breakfast won’t affect his social skills if he is armed with mouthwash or breath spray. 

Body spray – Teenage boys are beginning to test the waters of adding scents to their morning routine or to cover up bad smells after sports. But, please teach your son that less is more when it comes to body spray. 

Deodorant – Tough boy odors can be made better with a little deodorant. 

Powder – Plain powder, like from brands like Gold Bond can be useful to put inside stinky athletic shoes and dry up sweat after athletics. 

Disposable toothbrushes – You know your roll-out-of-bed-at-the-last-minute son isn’t going to leave enough time to brush his teeth in the morning. So, adding a few of disposable toothbrushes to his pouch might save him from having morning breath all day. 

Facial wipes – Your teenager can keep acne breakouts at bay by wiping his face off after a sweaty day playing basketball or walking to school in the Texas heat. 

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Jessa McClure

Jessa McClure

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