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Exposing Your Child to Music Can Help Stimulate Learning, Build Self-Esteem

By Jessa McClure

Playing your favorite music in the car, rocking your baby to sleep and humming a tune while your child lies on your chest may seem like simple things. You are actually giving your child a head start on life by incorporating music and rhythm into their daily lives.

Research shows that learning the basics of music can stimulate learning and help your child absorb and practice reading and math skills at an earlier age, according to pbs.org.

What are the benefits of exposure to music?
Amy Smith, who has taught music to young children for many years through the Kindermusick program, said music fosters emotional bonding and can even help build self-esteem.

"It also paves the way for language development and enables the imagination to flourish," Smith said. "And it is fun for children and adults."

The Kindermusik program provides young children, who are in a receptive mode of development, with sounds, images and movement.

"Kindermusik teachers are there to involve the family in music making and to provide the parents with skills to aid in the cognitive and physical development of their children," the music teacher said.

Click here for information about Kindermusik and other family-centered music classes in your area.

How can I incorporate more music?
Even if you aren't "gifted" with musical abilities, you can still do a lot to incorporate music in your child's daily life.

"Sing songs that your grandparents or parents sang to you, say a rhyme you remember from childhood, or rock your children when they are falling asleep," Smith said.

Here are few other ways to bring music into your child's life: 

  • Tap the beat of the music on their tummies

  • Play classical or jazz music and do a free dance

  • Imitate how your child moves while listening to music and label what they're doing

  • Get out the pots and pans and let your child make music with wooden spoons

  • Have them speak or sing into a large bowl so they can hear their own voice

There are lots of ways to enrich your child's life with music and enjoy their natural abilities. The most important thing is to have fun, enjoy your children while they are young, and let them express themselves.

"Let them move, move, move, burn off steam and learn valuable skills," Smith said. Back To Top

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