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End the Kiddie Clutter with These Toy Storage Solutions

By Jessa McClure
Personal property in carton isolated on whiteYour little one is finally asleep after reading Goodnight Moon for the fifth time, and singing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" in all of the three bears' voices. You attempt to back out of their darkened bedroom without waking your adorable sleeping monster, and then it happens. You lose your footing on a toy car, which sends you careening through the room like a circus clown. Your near death experience finally ends with you stubbing your toe loudly on the bookshelf, screaming in pain and waking your child.

This could have all been avoided if the car and all of its toy friends were part of an organizational system. Let's face it, our kids have a lot of stuff, and when that stuff is left out it can not only be dangerous, but it can make playing and living downright impossible. So, here are a few tips on how to keep you and your kids more organized and injury-free.

Their Toys
From stuffed animals to dolls to action figures, toys are more accessible and easier to clean up when they have a designated location.

If your little one has too many furry friends and not enough floor or bed space, then try something like this. It will not only keep your kids' huggable companions out of the way, but it will also enhance the room décor.

Here are some great ideas if you're looking for a complete playroom overhaul to better store and display your kids' toys. Creating a functional space with easily accessible toys will help foster creativity and limit clutter.

And if your home is being overrun by superheroes or Barbies, try using a plastic, over-the-door shoe organizer to keep these crime-fighting friends and fashionable playmates out of the way and visually accessible.

Their Papers
As soon as your child is old enough to hold a crayon, they will be creating beautiful works of art that you can't bear to throw away. But what do you do with all of junior's masterpieces? Instead of letting them pile up on your dresser or in the junk drawer in the kitchen, create some handy file boxes with tabs for each year of your little one's academic career. From their first finger paintings to their masters' thesis, you'll have them all in one place to enjoy for years to come.

Their Diapers
There's nothing worse than being without diapers when you are changing your soggy baby in the middle of the night. You've tried those pretty diaper hangers that hold exactly three diapers and are usually out of reach when you are holding your squirming baby's legs, but cannot seem to make them work. Why not try this aesthetically-pleasing diaper organizer that will not only keep your supplies within reach, but will also keep baby entertained while you are freshening them up.

And when you're finished with those ugly diaper boxes that seem to multiply like rabbits, turn them into attractive, fabric-covered storage containers for your baby's other accessories.

Their Books
While your child enjoys reading every Eric Carle book ever created, he also likes to pull them all off the shelf at the same time and make a book slide. So, if you want your child to be able to enjoy his books without using them as an area rug, then finding a neat and accessible location for his literary loves is a must.

Here are several ways to create unique book storage or use what you already have to organize all of those important bedtime stories.

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