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  • Time Management Strategies for Children with ADD

    Time Management Strategies for Children with ADD

    Making good use of the hours and minutes of the day requires planning, prioritizing, and sticking to a schedule. These skills don't come easily to children with attention deficit disorder (ADD). How can you help your students do a better job of estimating how long it takes to complete a task or to…

    Jennifer Snyder
    Posted October 08, 2013

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  • Sleepy Time: Getting Kids to Go to Bed…And Stay in Bed!

    Sleepy Time: Getting Kids to Go to Bed…And Stay in Bed!

    In regard to attitude, health, and general well being nothing beats a good night sleep. I know at my house when we are not getting enough of the old shut eye things deteriorate quickly; tempers are quick to flare, work doesn't get done and we all usually end up sick. Bedtime is important!How much…

    Becky Danielson
    Posted September 11, 2013

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  • Manners Really do Matter

    Manners Really do Matter

     By Becky Danielson, M.EdTruthfully, would you rather hang out with a friend who is polite or rude? Manners are powerful, both good manners and poor manners. Society may focus on the crass and unruly, but respect and polite behavior will always be in style.Teaching manners goes far beyond…

    Becky Danielson
    Posted May 22, 2013

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  • The Grass is Not Always Green: Encourage Imagination

    The Grass is Not Always Green: Encourage Imagination

    To start off, when it comes to creativity, stray away from the word "No". They say there is no such thing as a dumb question… and I'm here to say the same goes for art. Let their imagination steer them in the direction they feel is right.

    by Stephanie Falcone
    Posted January 22, 2013

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  • PSST… Move Over…

    PSST… Move Over…

    Do you hear this late at night after you've already tucked in your child? Well you've got a case of the cozies! Yes, it is comforting for you as a parent to sleep with your child tucked in next to you (and we all know they're loving every minute of it), but there comes a time when they need to…

    Posted December 11, 2012

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  • How to stop your child’s nightmares

    Does your child ever wake you up in the middle of the night because of a bad dream? This is a common issue with young ones. Studies have shown 25% of young children experience nightmares at least once a week.

    by Stephanie Falcone
    Posted November 08, 2012

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  • Say Y.E.S. to the B.U.S.

    Say Y.E.S. to the B.U.S.

    How often do you drive your child to school? Every day? Every other?

    by Stephanie Falcone
    Posted September 27, 2012

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