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Anatomy of a First Aid Kit

By Jennifer Snyder
bigstock-First-Aid-Kit--5966549 WEBBelieve it or not a little band-aid and some antibiotic cream can go a long way to living a healthier life simply by killing a few germs.  Since I am in the business of making lives better, here is exactly what your first aid kit should include.  If you don't have one, you can buy some pretty good ones at your local pharmacy.

For Home (recommendations based on a family of four):

  • 2 absorbent 5x9 compress dressings

  • 25 adhesive bandages in assorted sizes

  • 1 roll adhesive cloth tape

  • 5 antibiotic ointment packets or a full tube with sterile cotton swabs

  • 5 antiseptic wipe packets

  • Aspirin

  • 1 space blanket

  • 1 breathing barrier with a one way valve

  • 1 instant cold compress

  • 2 pair of non-latex gloves

  • Hydrocortisone cream

  • 2 roller bandages, 3 and 4 inches wide

  • 3x3 sterile gauze pads

  • 4x4 sterile gauze pads

  • Oral thermometer

  • 2 triangular bandages

  • Tweezers

  • Instruction booklet

You should have a first aid kit in the kitchen of your home and another on each floor of multi-level homes and smaller kits in every vehicle including boats and campers.

That is the easy part.  Now we have to remember to check the expiration dates, which for some is a little more complicated.  Hopefully you already have a routine of checking the batteries in your smoke detectors every six months, if so, add a first aid kit check up to that chore.  If not, start doing both.

Set reminders in your electronic calendar or write it on a paper calendar.  Coordinating it with something that already happens in your life biannually will make it easier for you.

It may seem like a silly chore but does anything else really matter if we aren't healthy?

Have a Neat day,

Jennifer Snyder, Certified Professional Organizer
Neat as a Pin Organizing Exerts
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