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5 Mistakes with Vacation Planning YOU are Making

Summer vacation when the kids are off of school is time to head out and have fun! Whether you like staying busy and keeping active or your idea of a vacation is laying around in the sun it is time to start planning! Planning is so much of the fun, but be careful not to make these common mistakes.

Not getting the kids involved
Ask the kids their thoughts on the vacation. Take a deep breath and just listen. Do they want to swim? Relax and chill with reading or their IPAD?

Be active
Adding a little of what each person wants makes for a very happy and peaceful vacation.

Not clearing cookies
When you search online for flights your information the cookies on your computer keep track of all you do….and the price on that trip goes up!  Once you are done with all the researching and make a choice, clear the cookies and then buy.

Falling for Bait and Switch
The infamous ‘ocean view’ that only exists if you lean way out of the window – we have all heard of it! But, how can you avoid that problem? Always look for reviews.  Read what previous travelers have had to say!

Not Preparing the Kids
Kids are curious! Tap into that with giving them some interesting facts about your destination! Read books and watch movies with the destinations in mind. Get everyone thinking! Have a picky eater? Take a look at menus and common foods in your destination ahead of time to decide what picky eater will enjoy. If all else fails, take some familiar snacks with you.

Not Reading Before You Go
Learning a little, or a lot, about your destination makes the whole trip more interesting. Children that learn before they go, have stronger memories of their trips. Whether you are reading travel guides for adults, or picture books for kids – read before! Vacations are magical times where families bond and memories are made. Make amazing memories with your family!

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About the Author

Natalie Tanner

Natalie Tanner

Natalie Tanner, mother of two, is The Educational Tourist and plans trips for families. Her books keep kids entertained, educated, and engaged. Go to www.theeducationaltourist.com and see what all the fuss is about

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