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10 Awesome Spring Break Activities

There’s nothing like lounging on a deck chair while your children play quietly in the backyard without fighting, hurling objects at each other, or throwing their soccer ball over the fence. Oh wait, I was dreaming.

While spring break provides a breather from having to peel your children out of bed and drive them to school, it can also be stressful to have all those little personalities meshing together in one house, all day, with nothing to occupy their time. So, here are some ideas to keep you sane and to help you create some lasting memories before they’re too old to hang out with Mommy during their school vacation.

1. Jump rope contest – You know you were the best jumper in your elementary school gym class. Show off your skills and have fun getting some exercise.

2. Talk a walk around the neighborhood – If your kids aren’t excited about a trek around the block, try playing I Spy or printing out a list of items to find and check off as you go.

3. Take a trip to the Dollar store – This is one of my kids’ favorite activities. They’re allowance money goes much further in this store than a big box store, so it’s almost like a treasure hunt.

4. Visit the library – There’s nothing better than lounging in a big chair at the library with a book in your lap. Check your local library’s events calendar before you go. Sometimes there are special kid-centered activities that would make the visit even more special.

5. Have a picnic at the park – Grab some sandwiches and some juice boxes and head out to a local park. It doesn’t cost anything, and the kids will think it’s a special treat.

6. Take photos and make a scrapbook – As you’re out and about, take photos of your kids and send them to a local drug store to be printed. Then, have your kids decorate a few pages of a scrapbook to remember your spring break together.

7. Rent a movie and build a tent – Pull the chairs away from the dinner table and make a blanket fort in the living room. Lift one side up to see the TV or grab your tablet and have a movie day.

8. Bake or cook something – Kids love to help in the kitchen. So, let them pick out a recipe, go buy the ingredients, and spend time cooking together.

9. Wash the car – Not only do you get a clean car, but the kids have fun playing in the water. It’s a win-win for parent and child.

10. Go star-gazing – Since you don’t have to get up early, this would be a great time to stay up a little later and go star-gazing. You can even download apps that help you identify what you’re looking at.

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Jessa McClure

Jessa McClure

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