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Family Martial Arts

7005 Woodway Dr. Woodway, TX
254-772-5425 Woodway 254-836-0999 China Spring

Family Martial Arts of Texas is the premier family oriented martial arts facility in the Central Texas area.

We teach martial arts that have been proven in actual battle for thousands of years.  Although defending one's self against invading hordes may not be necessary in todays age, we have found that it is the modern day advantage for teaching success in all areas of our lives.

Family Martial Arts is a "Leadership Academy" and what that means is that we use the martial arts as a vehicle for emphasizing leadership life lessons that will propel an individual towards becoming the type of person that is an example for others to follow.

Last but not least, our martial arts program is a "Ton of Fun" for the whole family. Whether you are inquiring about the martial arts for your children, yourself, or the entire family, Family Martial Arts is confident that you will find a martial arts home at our academy.


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Family Martial Arts


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