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Your Holiday Leftovers Could Help You Relax

Spa Mud Mask. Woman in Spa Salon. Face Mask. Facial Clay Mask. TWhen the guests have all gone and the children are content with their new treasures, it's time to take a moment and relax. Because the holidays have left you with a monetary deficit and an abundance of leftovers, you probably don't have enough money for a trip to the spa.

So, take the pumpkin puree, the Greek yogurt and the cocoa powder out of the fridge, and get ready to create your own spa-like treatments at home.

1. Edible Mud Mask
What could be better than giving yourself a facial and snack at the same time? With this edible mud mask, you will combine cocoa powder, Greek yogurt, buttermilk, honey, a banana and lemon juice to create a delicious and soothing facial for just pennies.

The post offers more tips on what to add or exclude if you have dry or oily skin and what to do if you have food allergies.

2. Sugary Foot Scrub
The holidays are a time of over-indulgence, especially when it comes to sugar. But, what if you could put that sugar to good use without baking another batch of Christmas cookies. Try this recipe for a sugary foot scrub that will not only make you feel refreshed and renewed, but will give you a chance to have just one more candy cane.

3. Pumpkin Puree Wrinkle-Reducer
If you made a pumpkin pie or two, you probably have some leftover pumpkin puree whose destiny is now in question. Well, now you can put the mushy, orange stuff to good use by creating a skin treatment that will not only nourish your skin, but might even reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Find out why this special squash is so important and how to create your own skin treatment at home.

4. Homemade Milk Bath
When you're finished slathering your face with chocolate, rubbing your feet with sugar and coating your skin with pumpkin, you'll probably want to wash off. What better way to rinse off than with a big jar of milk (and some other ingredients).

This recipe uses powdered goat's milk that acts as a moisturizer, baking soda which softens the skin, and cornstarch that quiets skin irritation.

Now your fridge is empty and your soul is soothed. Back To Top

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Jessa McClure

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