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Work vs. Stay at home

By Stephanie Falcone
Congratulations! If you are expecting a child, especially if this is your first born, you are probably bursting with questions. And one of the biggest decisions…

This will help you eliminate your insecurities about your upcoming decision.

Take note of your personal pros and cons as you read.

How will this affect my child?
This is a mixed category, all depending on the quality of child care you are looking into. Obviously everyone wants the very best for their child, but with the best, comes other problems (that we'll discuss next).
PRO: Studies conducted by the
National Institutes of Health prove that child care can in fact benefit children. Quality child care at a young age scored higher than most students in areas such as vocabulary before entering kindergarten.
CON: Discipline problems have been recorded by t
he National Institute of Child Health and Human Development for preschoolers who have attended child care for more than a year. Without one on one attention, by the parent or consistent guardian, children tend to disobey orders because they are not being carefully watched.

Can I afford this?
This can go both ways. Can you afford to take a leave of absence from your job? OR Can you afford the costs of child care? Compare the two are decide which you will benefit from most, financially.

"In 2007, BabyCenter online estimated that sending your baby or toddler to a daycare center cost between $4,388 to $14,647 a year. It estimated that sending your baby or toddler to a home daycare cost between $4,128 and $9,508 per year. Personalized care from a full-time nanny was estimated to be between $26,004 and $36,396 a year." (Miller, LiveStrong.com).

Also look into a relative or family friend to care for your child part time. This way you can still possibly keep your job by working part time and also stay home some days with your little one.

What are my values as a parent?
Staying home with your child as he grows is the ideal choice, but sadly, it is not always that easy. Many parents strongly believe a parent should raise the child, and if that is the case, work at it! Decipher which parent is best to leave their job behind to raise the baby. By electing one parent to stay at home, an income will still be coming in, and your child's "firsts" will be witnessed by the one he/ she is loved by most, a parent. Cutting back on usually outings or shopping sprees will most likely need to be limited, but having a parent home will make up for it in the long run (if this is a value of yours). Or even better… both work part time. I know, easier said than done… but it doesn't hurt to try!

http://www.livestrong.com/article/76084-child-care-vs.-stay-home/ Back To Top

By Stephanie Falcone
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Stephanie Falcone

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