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Why We Don’t Change our Schedule During the Summer

Even though the days are longer and there’s no school, my kids’ schedule doesn’t change much. Most of the time it’s still light out when they are drifting off to sleep. While this might sound extreme, especially for my preteen daughter, this is what works best for our family.

Better Moods

Being out of school means my children are spending a lot more time together. While there are moments of peace (usually when they’re making a giant mess), there are times when they are arguing about everything. And I do mean everything. The other day they were arguing about who was going to talk for the baby doll. Sheesh. It’s maddening sometimes.

But one thing that’s helped keep fighting to a minimum when they’re trapped inside all day together is getting enough rest at night. We continue our bedtime routine just like we do during the school year, and it helps keep everyone in a better mood.

Less Brain Drain

There are a lot of arguments against giving kids “homework” during the summer because it’s their chance to relax and decompress from their busy and demanding school year. But research shows that all children experience some learning loss during the summer. While I don’t expect my kids to do educational activities all day long, I do task them with reading for at least 30 minutes a day and completing a couple pages of a workbook. It is especially helpful for the subjects they struggled with during the school year.

Less Anxiety

I’ve learned over the years that my kids behave better and melt down less when they know what to expect out of their day. So, keeping a set schedule for most of the week helps to lessen the anxiety they have over the unexpected. Fridays and weekends are for more freeform fun and a looser schedule. We post the daily schedule, and we also have a family calendar where we write down upcoming activities and appointments.

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Jessa McClure

Jessa McClure

Jessa is the Editor-in-Chief of Hooray for Family and the mom of three energetic children. She has a BA in Mass Communication/Journalism from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, and is a long-time resident of Central Texas. When she isn't writing and editing, she enjoys playing board games with her kids, teaching Sunday school and channeling her creativity into craft projects. 

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