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When is the best time for a school field trip?

Field trips are a great part of the school experience for students and teachers but deciding when to step out of the classroom and take a break from your daily routine can be difficult. Here are some tips to choosing the right time of year for your class or grade level.

Less traffic
During the fall months, heavily trafficked attractions aren’t as busy, so you’ll have a better chance of getting your group into the site in a timely manner and spending more time exploring.

Cooler Temperatures
Sometimes the Texas heat can make outdoor field trips unbearable. Going on an excursion in the fall will help take advantage of less oppressive weather.

Good timing
Students and teachers have gotten to know each other by this time of year, and the chance to get out of the classroom and experience something together will promote bonding and solidify classroom camaraderie.

Science in action
If you’re trying to give your kids a real-life science encounter, you might just be able to capture the changing colors of the autumn leaves at an outdoor farm or a Monarch butterfly emerging from its chrysalis at a butterfly garden.

Picture perfect
If you are planning to visit an outdoor field trip site, there’s no better time than when the Texas wildflowers and spring foliage are in full bloom.

Outdoor opportunities
You’ve ditched the cold temperatures of the winter and are now starting to feel the warmth of the spring. This is the perfect time to add a picnic lunch at an outdoor playscape to your field trip agenda or take a hike in a state park.

More time to raise money
If your district is strapped for cash and you’ll be doing a lot of your own fundraising, then having your field trip later in the year will give you more time to raise the money you need.

Break from testing
Most schools are working toward stressful testing goals in the spring, so a well-timed field trip might be the break students (and teachers) need to get their minds clear for important testing.


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