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Turning Laundry Chaos Into Laundry Calm

By Jennifer Snyder

We all have to do laundry.  There is no getting around it.  The longer you put it off, the worse it is. Undone laundry is worst form of lazy clutter and even the most organized individuals fall victim to this unending chore.

Here is some inspiration hopefully you can implement to add some calm to your laundry room:

Establish a routine.  If you take nothing else from what I say, a routine is going to take you from overwhelmed to "in-control" faster than any pictures on Pinterest.  I personally wash one load a day – every day.  If you have a septic system this is also the very best way to keep your system healthy.

Collect laundry where it happens.  A small, sturdy basket should be placed wherever clothes are removed: bathrooms, bedrooms, hallways, even the garage, if that is where it happens.  Baskets can be as lovely or as utilitarian as necessary for your tastes.  Use one big basket to collect the dirties at wash time.

Reduce your volume.  I have said this before, the fewer thinks you own – including clothes – means less to wash and take care of.  When you own 30 pairs of socks, it is likely that socks won't be washed until about 29 of them are actually dirty.  That translates into a huge laundry chore.  Small, steady steps are the answer.

In addition to hundreds of socks, only keep enough clothes that can be easily stored in the space you have.  If you have more t-shirts than will fit in the designated drawer, you will either have a pile of clean shirts or dirty ones.

Call it what it is.  Almost Dirty is a new category of laundry.  Keep almost dirty clothes either in their own area of the closet or turn them inside out to keep with the legitimately clean clothes.  If you are confused by the almost dirty designation, this means clothes you have worn for a few hours and is not quite ready to be laundered.

There are many more ways to make laundry easier, but this will certainly get you started.

Happy washing and have a Neat day!

Jennifer Snyder, Certified Professional Organizer
Neat as a Pin Organizing Exerts
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