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True Gifts of the Season

Thanksgiving has passed and Christmas and Hanukah are upon us.  Whether we want gifts or not we usually get a few.  So in preparation for the incoming items now is the time to begin making space for them.  The very best way to accomplish this is to give to charity.

There are many worthwhile charities in our town that help people genuinely in need.  I am going to address a few today and the list is by no means all-inclusive.  When we remove items from our space, it is far more comforting when we know they are going to a good cause.  I would only recommend consigning high-end items that are in pristine condition – or antiques.

As I have said before, the Family Abuse Center is a very worthwhile charity.  Although donations are made at their Second Chance Thrift Store, many necessary items go directly to the shelter.  As sad as it is, the holidays are the busiest time of the year.  Last Christmas they had more people in need than beds to serve them.  Sheets, towels and linens in good shape as well as educational toys are always a need.  Inflatable mattresses can serve the shelter particularly well.

My heart also goes out to the Salvation Army at this time of year.  The local Salvation Army services the local homeless and impoverished.  Clothing and household items are always welcome to them.  If you are zealous in your clutter control, they will come pick up your donations.  This time of year, in particular, blankets and coats are essential.  So if you have a coat in your closet that you are keeping year-after-year but not wearing, imagine the joy it would bring someone truly in need.

We all have causes close to our hearts so contact them and see if they have a specific need.  That's where you begin your decluttering process.

Happy giving and have a Neat day.

Jennifer Snyder
Owner & Organizer
Neat as a Pin Organizing Experts
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About the Author

Jennifer Snyder

Jennifer Snyder

My name is Jennifer Snyder CPO, Chief Executive Organizer of Neat as a Pin Organizing Experts, a Waco-based company of Professional Organizers that is not only focused on organizing the clutter in your home or office but also clutter of the heart and mind. 

I am happy that you are taking an interest in the benefits of getting your home and life organized.  Living an organized life is for everyone!

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