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TRUCKS: Whizz! Zoom! Rumble!

By Michele Berger

By Patricia Hubbell

Illustrated by Megan Halsey

Hardcover, 32 pages.

Ages 4-8

After spying this book, clenched for dear life, in the hands of a young boy on the floor of the library, I knew it must be a good read!

This is a story about trucks of every shape and size and color, the sounds they make, and those who drive them. Many children are fascinated with motor vehicles at a young age because they are drawn to the loud noise and power the automobile emits, just as they will be drawn to this book.

"Trucks that rumble, roar and shriek.
Trucks that putter, groan and creak."

Along with the catchy rhyme and rhythm of the words, each page is very, very detailed, almost a little too much detail. The vibrant pages are very busy, causing the reader's eyes to wander. This can be a good and bad thing, depending on how long you're willing to stop at each page! From ice cream trucks to fire trucks, by the time you've reached the back cover, your little one will know them all!

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By Michele Berger

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Michele Berger

Michele Berger

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