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Titanic Exhibit Sets Sail at Mayborn Museum

Guests of the Mayborn Museum will soon have the chance to go back in time and find out what it was like on-board the Titanic at the museum’s newest traveling exhibit.

“This is a blockbuster exhibition, and it’s the first one we’ve ever hosted,” said, Rebecca Nall, the museum’s Assistant Director of Communication. “The Titanic is such a fascination for so many people that we knew it would be popular.”

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition, that runs from June 2 through Jan. 6, will not only allow patrons to see how the ship came to be, but will also take them through room recreations that show the differences in accommodations between wealthy and not-so-wealthy passengers.

“As guests enter [the exhibit], they will be given a boarding pass that represents an actual passenger that was on-board the ship,” Nall said. “At the end of the experience, they will find out if they were one of the lucky survivors.”

And one ticket-holder might even get the chance to represent Samuel Risien or his wife Emma who were returning to Groesbeck, TX after more than a year in South Africa.

The exhibit also contains more than 150 artifacts that were recovered from the wreck site including a telegraph that was used to communicate on-board the ship, a pair of women’s dress shoes, and a piece of a chandelier from the first-class smoking room.

“They can actually link some of these items to particular passengers because they were found still inside their luggage,” she said.

Each guest will be greeted by a team of volunteers, whose job it is to welcome them to the museum, hand them their tickets, and explain what will happen inside the exhibit. Nall said the volunteers are important because they will be introducing the public to the exhibit.

The museum is still looking for volunteers for this summer event, so click here if you’d like to get involved.

Tickets are available for purchase at www.maybornmuseum.com and www.titanicwaco.com, and are $19 for adults and $13 for children ages 2 – 10. Museum members can secure their tickets for $6 a person.

“We really hope people will take this journey with us and experience this beautiful, elegant ship, and its ultimate, tragic demise,” Nall said. 

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Jessa McClure

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