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Tips for Making Camping with Kids Safe and Fun

Summer is still in full swing, and that means some families are heading out to the outdoors to enjoy some quality time camping. Although camping can be a great way to get physical exercise and get away from electronic distractions, there are some things you’ll want to keep in mind to keep your family safe and having fun.

Here are some tips, tricks, and treats that will make your wilderness adventure that much more exciting.

Store and prepare food safely

Nothing tastes better than a meal cooked over a campfire. But there are some safety rules to abide by if you’ll be preparing and storing food in the great outdoors. The Centers for Disease Control recommend keeping food in tight, waterproof containers that can be placed inside an insulated cooler. This will help keep foods cold and fresh for preparation.

When you are ready to cook your meal, make sure meats are cooked to the proper recommended internal temperature. And raw and cooked foods should never be stored in the same container. It’s also important to keep hands clean and sanitized, especially after handling raw meat. Keep hand sanitizer on hand or create a hand-washing station out of an old laundry detergent container.

If you’re looking for some family-friendly recipes for your campout, then try some of these campfire meals that take very little preparation.

Provide fun activities for children

Camping can be a great time to enjoy what nature has to offer. Whether you’re hiking, biking or exploring local wildlife, there are endless opportunities to engage children in the outdoors. But, if your children are having trouble capitalizing on the wonders of nature around them, then try to plan a few activities that will get them involved in the camping experience.

If you have a few squirt guns, some paint and paper, then you have a great activity that will improve hand-eye-coordination and give kids a great keepsake from their camping experience. And if your children are more interested in sweet treats, then why not make some homemade ice cream in a plastic bag?

Create night-time fun with non-fuel-burning lanterns

Some camping lanterns on the market are fuel-burning, which can be very dangerous if they are brought inside a tent or enclosed shelter. The CDC said having such lanterns inside a tent can create dangerous amounts of carbon monoxide, which can be deadly.

So, instead, create some kid-friendly lanterns out of peanut butter jars that are easy to make and will make camping safer. And when you’ve completed your lanterns, use the side of the tent or a hanging sheet to create some shadow puppets. Whether you camp out on top of a mountain or in your own backyard, it’s important to plan ahead to ensure your experience is safe and fun for the whole famil

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Jessa McClure

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