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Three Ways to Enjoy Summer Fun After Dark

You’d think that when the sun goes down during the summer months that the fun has to stop. But, there are so many ways to enjoy the coolest part of the day with some fun and easy DIY activities that will have you and your kids staying up past bedtime.

Here are some ways to light up the night and spend some quality time with your family.

With Glow Sticks

Before the introduction of smart phones and tablets, kids everywhere enjoyed going to the skating rink, gliding along to their favorite tunes. And what made this time even more exciting? Glow sticks. You could wear them on your neck, on your wrist or even wave them around during a particularly lively number. While glow sticks probably aren’t being used as much in this manner, they still have a place in the world of kids’ entertainment.

Designdazzle.com came up with 10 Awesome Glow Stick Ideas that will have your whole neighborhood finding the fun in these novelty items. Some of her ideas include cotton candy on a glow stick, glow-in-the-dark hula hoops and glow-stick Twister®.

With Flashlights

Peel your kids away from their electronic devices and take them outside to find enjoyment in the simple act of shining a flashlight. Almost every home in the country has an extra flashlight or two lying around, and these inexpensive tools can become a nighttime toy in a matter of seconds.

Kids’ Activities Blog came up with a list of flashlight games that will get your kids moving and having fun outdoors. Their ideas range from flashlight hide-and-seek to flashlight puppet shows. But, the possibilities are endless/

With Bubbles

Nothing brings joy to a child quite like dunking a little plastic wand in a bottle of bubble solution, blowing a stream of bubbles into the air and watching them float up into the sky. While bubble blowing is a timeless activity for children, it is often thought of as daytime fun. But, with a little water, dish soap and glow-in-the-dark paint, Growing a Jeweled Rose created glowing bubbles that amazed and entertained her children even after the sun went down.

And when the kids were finished blowing bubbles, they used the solution to paint glowing works of art on the driveway.

So, wait until the sun goes down or turn out the lights and enjoy some of fun in the dark with your family.

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Jessa McClure

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