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The Problem with Pinterest

By Jennifer Snyder
Where did Pinterest come from?  It is a beautiful and wonderful world of fashion, decorating, cooking and of course, organizing.  Technology has the power to change our world and our perceptions one byte at a time, so what has Pinterest done to us?

Pinterest has added to our growing list of unfinished projects.  Almost every Pinner has a To Do board or a DIY board.  These are lovely crafts and re-purposing projects for us to do.  My question is, do you REALLY have the time to do it?  Even if you did, you are spending it browsing photos on the site instead.  I personally have lost entire WEEKENDS on Pinterest; time normally reserved for spending time with my family.

More than getting us further behind and therefore even more disappointed in ourselves from lack of time management and unfinished projects; Pinterest has severely altered what we expect "organized" to look like.  We see pantries that are monochromatic, pristine closets, and desks that are just too cute to be functional.  Here it is folks, they aren't real!  They are staged areas solely for the purpose of a great photo.  You do not and should not live your life in a photo.

People that I meet are always interested in what my house is like.  "I bet it is completely organized!" they say.  The answer is "sort of".  I know where things are but we don't have much.  I have three sons: 5, 14, and 17; two giant dogs, my husband and myself in a house measuring almost 1100 square feet.  Did I mention we only have one bathroom?  We do it.  Clutter is not an option.  Excess is not an option.  Does my house look like something on Pinterest?  Sort of.  I have some finished projects but function overrules form every time.  My point is, LIVE in your home.  Sometimes a pair of sneakers left in the family room is a blessing, just ask the mother that has lost a child.  Sometimes a pile of laundry is simply a reminder that you spent a Saturday at the zoo instead of in the laundry room.

Be flexible and go with it.  Above all else, be reasonable.  If it works for you, it works.  If it isn't working for you, let's talk.

Have a Neat day!

Jennifer Snyder
Certified Professional OrganizerÒ

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