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Thanksgiving Crafts Just For Adults

You’ve put away the Halloween costumes and hidden all the leftover candy, and are now looking toward the next holiday that will bring tons of food and visiting relatives—Thanksgiving. While you’re busy making lists of the things you’ll need to get everything done before the first family member arrives on your doorstep, your children are happily bringing home handprint turkeys to decorate your fridge.

You envy their crafty bliss, and you realize that Thanksgiving projects don’t just have to be for kids. So, get out the glue gun, gather some fall foliage, crack open the apple cider and enjoy these Thanksgiving crafts just for adults.

1. Lightbulb Turkey

If your husband just changed that blinking lightbulb in the living room fan you’ve been bugging him about for the last five months, then you have the perfect canvas for a delightful holiday table-topper that will not only delight your guests, but your children as well.

With a lightbulb, brown paint, some feathers and a few other odds and ends, you can create a lightbulb turkey that can sit comfortably on your table or mantle for the whole month of November.

2. Coloring Pages for Adults

Why should the kids get all of the coloring fun? Print out some of these cute Thanksgiving-themed coloring sheets from Red Ted Art, break out the Sharpies and get coloring. You could even leave printouts and markers or colors next to each guest’s place at your holiday table. Your guests will be delighted at the nostalgia of it all, and might even stop arguing long enough to finish a picture.

3. Thankful Turkey Box

While the great food and good company are the highlights of this turkey-filled holiday, Thanksgiving is really about giving thanks for the blessings we’ve received. So, why not create a cute box of thankfulness that will allow you and your family to remember what’s truly important this holiday season.

All you need is a Kleenex box, some construction paper and paint and you’ve got yourself the supplies for a great decoration and meaningful conversation piece. When your creation is finished, have your kids, relatives and guests write what they’re thankful for and put it in the box. Encourage them not to write their name on the paper and try to guess who’s thankful for what.

4. Coffee Filter Pumpkins

With all the late night pie making you’ll be doing this month, you’ll need to stock up on coffee and coffee filters. And when you’re not using the filters to make your late night beverage of choice, then try using them to create pumpkins that can decorate your table or shelves all month. With a little ink and fiber-fill, Melissa from The Happier Homemaker created these adorable coffee filter pumpkins you’ll want to create every year.

5. Turkey Table Runner

If you’re just going to buy Thanksgiving pies, then you might have time to create a turkey table runner that will not only be a decorative piece your family and friends can “oo” and “ah” over for years to come, but it can also serve as a piece of memorabilia to remember how small your child’s hands once were.

Those Alaskan Girls created a festive fall table runner by tracing their children’s hands on fabric. Each handprint was used as the tail of a fabric turkey that was sewn onto a table runner.

Whether you’re super crafty or just like to color, there’s something for everyone when it comes to Thanksgiving crafts just for adults.

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Jessa McClure

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