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Spotlight on Uptown Party Truck

By Alannah Domangue

What could make planning the best birthday bash easier than ever? How about throwing a party that comes to you! Uptown Party Truck offers private mobile entertainment venues for parties and special events. It is the newest craze that brings the celebration to your destination.

The original Uptown Party Game Truck, which made its full launch in May of this year, is a self-contained, climate-controlled trailer that includes a state-of-the-art theater system and popular gaming consoles such as Wii U™ and Xbox One™. This mobile party venue sports seven large flat screen televisions for interior and exterior multiplayer gaming, surround sound, laser light shows, LED mood lighting and limousine comfort seating.

This gaming truck provides hours of entertainment with some of the latest videogame releases and crowd favorites like karaoke and dance contests. A Blu-ray/DVD player is provided, so guests have the option to create their own mobile movie theater.

Although the original plan for this mobile party truck included kid-friendly fun, the staff at Uptown Party Truck soon discovered this party could not be limited by age. With the latest classic Nintendo® releases by Wii™ and many of the most popular games throughout history, the Uptown Party Game Truck can appeal to a variety of ages, even the parents!

Waco’s most recent party edition began with couple Mac and Courtney Harmon who, after years of throwing big birthday parties for their girls, had the fun idea to bring another option to the area. However, the fun does not stop at Uptown Party’s Game Truck. The Harmon’s remain hopeful to expand the business and offer a variety of mobile entertainment venues. The company is already working on the development of the second mobile venue, which will launch soon.

From gaming to glamor, the business has an entirely new appeal with the next truck. This mobile venue includes an idea to create a spa-like atmosphere for girls of all ages, from birthdays, to weddings to a special “ladies” day at work. A kitchen truck is in the works as blueprints have begun, and the company is brainstorming many more ideas beyond that.

With aspirations to grow, this small business strives for excellence, customer service and satisfaction. The staff at Uptown Party understands the importance of providing a safe and fun environment fitting for children, teens and adults. As a result, an appropriate number of highly trained staff is always at hand during each event to meet the needs of each guest. 

Uptown Party also offers the ability to rent out other items such as tables, chairs, benches and canopies in order to complete your event needs. Parties are 100% private and completely affordable with packages starting at $199. Uptown Party Truck even offers reduced weekday rates and special events pricing. Guests can also receive half-off food party packages through the business’s partnership with Raising Canes of Hewitt.

If you want more information on how to bring the celebration to your destination, visit the Uptown Party Truck website at www.uptownpartytruck.com or give them a call at (254) 292-8682.

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By Alannah Domangue
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Alannah Domangue

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