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Spotlight on Twenty Toes Photography

When luxury photographer, Trilby Trayler is capturing the images of a family at her studio in Waco, TX, she is thinking beyond the flash of her camera. She is imagining children and grandchildren flipping through the pages of one of her custom photo albums, remembering the memories they shared and shedding a tear over those who have passed.

With her business, Twenty Toes Photography, Trayler hopes to not only give her clients a great photography experience, but also help them create a lasting legacy that can be passed down generation to generation.

“There’s something magical about flipping through an album and seeing pictures of people you love,” she said. “You can’t get that feeling from seeing a digital image on a screen.”

Trayler’s vision for a full-service photography business was initially born out of necessity. After giving birth to twins, one of which had to have open heart surgery as an infant, Trayler and her husband were left with a mountain of medical bills.

“My husband had given me a camera for my birthday, so I decided I would start doing photography on the side,” she said. “I went from $50 sessions for friends and family to becoming a luxury photographer with my own studio in five years.”

At her studio, which is well-known for it’s white, farmhouse look, Trayler offers her clients wardrobe consultations, hair and makeup from the studio’s stylist, snacks and drinks, framed artwork, and the opportunity to have their new photos hung in their home.

“My goal is to have customer service like Chick-fil-a and quality like Louis Vuitton,” she said.
Trayler not only wants to provide her clients with five-star amenities, but she also wants to give them high-quality, fine art images.

“Before opening my studio in March, I was known for shooting outdoors in the golden hour of the day,” she said. “It gives the photos a dreamy and magical feel.”

Even though the photographer is known for her golden light photos, she wants to help her clients create their unique vision for their photos, indoors and out.

“We had a family come in for a consultation who are big fans of Downton Abbey and wanted to do photos [evocative] of that time period,” Trayler said. “So, we will work to help them create that look.”

Twenty Toes Photography also offers women’s empowerment and boudoir sessions to help women feel their very best.

“Everything [in those sessions] is catered around making women feel beautiful and loving who they are,” she said.

For more information about Twenty Toes Photography, visit twentytoesphotography.com.

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