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Spotlight on Think Learn Play

When quarantine began, mother of five and former teacher, Charra Burns realized that kids were going to be at home with little to no opportunities for hands-on learning. This realization sparked an idea to create educational sensory boxes that would offer children the chance to get their hands dirty with some learning fun. 

“I wanted a way to help kids get caught up [on their education] and give parents additional support,” Burns said. “The first thing that came to mind was mini lesson plans and activities, but I didn’t want to just provide pencil and paper. I wanted it to be fun.”

With this idea in mind, Burns created her first two boxes for a business she named Think Learn Play. There was a robot and rocket-themed box and a box that centered around homemade slime. She later created a third box that included winter-themed activities.


Right now, she is offering customized winter boxes on her website, www.thinklearnplay.com, that include activities based on grade level. She can also provide customized boxes for children younger than three or older than eight. These cost a little extra but can be tailored to your child and their specific learning needs.

Burns is not only a mother and former teacher, but she also continues to provide tutoring services for children and distance learning support for those learning from home.

“Sensory opportunities are a big deal in early education and the special education community, but these types of activities are great for any child,” she said. “They help preschool-aged kids develop fine motor skills and they allow older children to learn problem solving skills.”

For more information about learning boxes or distance learning opportunities with Burns, visit www.thinklearnplay.com or give her a call at (254) 420-6504.



Click here to learn more about Think Learn Play

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