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Spotlight on T. Ringgold Academy of Arts

If you’re looking for extracurricular activities that will engage your child in the Creative Arts, then look no further than T. Ringgold Academy of Arts nestled in the heart of Killeen. The program was founded by international chart-topping recording artist and Broadway World nominated actress, Toni Ringgold, and is run by herself and a team of dynamic teachers who all share a passion for helping children cultivate their skills and believe in their dreams.

“Basically, we are a hub for creative kiddos,” Ringgold said. “We know that creativity breeds innovation, and innovation changes the world. And because many schools have lost arts funding, we want to give children a place to cultivate their creative skills that is also affordable for parents.”

T. Ringgold Academy of Arts offers private voice, acting, and instrument lessons for kids ages four and up.

“In this current economy, affordability and convenience are needed for parents,” says Ringgold. “Being a mother of three children, I have firsthand experience on how much a program like this is needed.”

Ringgold, who is the director and a teacher, has been teaching voice and piano performance for more than 10 years and has been working with children for more than 20 years.

“T. Ringgold Academy has been around for over 10 years now, and we have serviced hundreds of students,” she said. “Not only do we give the kiddos the coaching they need to be successful musicians, but we also give them opportunities for performance.”

Be on the lookout for the  “Music Moves Me” program designed for homeschooled kids and babies that begins January 2024.

“This fun program is perfect for military spouses and homeschoolers who want to get out and have some fun music enrichment,” Ringgold said.

T. Ringgold Academy is conveniently located next to City Hall in Killeen at 207 W. Ave. D.

“We pride ourselves in having a wonderful haven that promotes growth and creativity for our students,” she said.

For information about T. Ringgold Academy of Arts for private lessons, visit www.toniringgold.biz/academy. Interested parents could also call or text (254) 317-2450 to book a private tour.

Photo by Photography by Cecy

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