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Spotlight on Quantegy, LLC

Robots used to be objects found only in science fiction novels and movies. Today, in the twenty-first century our students can design, build, and control robots themselves.  Around the country, students are competing in robotics competitions and maker camps.  Often their excitement mounts as the machine moves and completes a lap around a circuit. Fun and excitement is an essential part of the educational experience at the summer camp hosted by Quantegy LLC, a Data Science and STEM training company.

Dr. Mienie Roberts, and her partners Gerard DeKock, and Adam Jones created a hands-on learning experience for kids that spark creativity and critical thinking. Currently, they host robotics and 3D printing summer camps in Killeen and College Station for students aged 8 to 16.

“Through these camps, we will create future leaders because we foster a culture of cooperative learning and collaboration,” Roberts said.

She said that students will be equipped with the skills needed to become future engineers and entrepreneurs.  The camps are competitive and the winning team will receive their own 3D printer.

“According to Greek philosopher Aristotle, ‘we are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.’”

Quantegy’s camps will inspire the attendees to be excited about mathematics and engineering.  After completion of the one-week camp, students will not only have the skills to be future scientists but will also understand the necessity of continuous learning and engagement, Roberts said.

“A great indicator of future success is being exposed to different projects that open a student’s mind,” she said. “[Our camps] are completely different than the classroom, theory experience. They are very hands-on.”

Students participating in the robotics camp will get the chance to combine computer coding and engineering while developing critical thinking skills. And students participating in the 3D printing camp will learn how to design 3D objects. Each camp provides participants with a certificate at the end of their time and scouts will be eligible to receive the Robotics and Engineering badges. 

“In one project, the kids in the 3D printing camp will be learning how to design and build a prosthetic hand,” Roberts said. “Then we will assist them to connect with a recipient in need of a prosthetic.”

Quantegy works with non-profit organizations, who receive the hands the children create and facilitate the delivery process for the recipients.

“Not only do we want the students to leave with more knowledge about the STEM field, but we also want to instill a sense of civic responsibility,” she said. “That is something we as a company feel very strongly about, and the students love to do something good and see the results.”

Each camp is a week long and will take place this June and July on the campus of Texas A&M University Central Texas in Killeen. For more information about these camps and the Quantegy Learning company, visit their website at www.quantegylearning.com or contact Dr. Roberts directly at (903) 705-9703 or mienie@quantegylearning.com.

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