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Spotlight on Powerhouse Preschool


Finding a PreK program that will prepare your child for kindergarten and engage them mentally and physically can seem like an impossible task. That’s why D’Ann Legg, owner of Powerhouse Cheer & Fitness in Belton, TX, is opening Powerhouse Performing Arts Preschool. She wants parents to have a one-stop shop when it comes to their child’s education and their physical fitness.

She invites parents and children to be a part of the first Central Texas preschool to unleash the possibilities of kinesthetic and cognitive learning.

“It’s been a dream of mine for a long time,” Legg said. “I teach a lot of the babies in tumbling and competitive cheer and they’re so talented, but not every parent wants to bring their four-year-old to a class after they get off work. This gives them the chance to educate their child and provide activities.”

The preschool’s unique curriculum will focus on learning cognitive skills through matching, sequencing, storytelling, writing, reading prep, number sense, talent building, and Bible study, while also giving them a chance to participate in trampoline, tumbling, gymnastics, dance, creative movement, music, sports activities, and aerial awareness.

“Learning in a kinesthetic environment enables instructional coaches to stimulate both sides of the brain,” Legg said. “Crossing the midline of the brain through various patterns of movement help build pathways from the left side of the brain to the right.”

When children are learning in a kinesthetic/tactile style, they have improved memory skills and are more motivated to learn.

“Our goal is to incorporate a variety of cross-body movement, activities, songs, dance, tumbling and other talent enhancements into their math, reading and science lessons,” she said. “The self-esteem and confidence built through these methods will make a tremendous impact on the way the child feels about learning.”

Children will spend a portion of each day in a core classroom with a certified lead teacher, who has had many years in the classroom.

“Elnora Vybiral is coming to us with thirteen years of elementary school teaching experience,” Legg said. “She is loved by all the kids she teaches, and we are so grateful to have her heading this program.”

Along with classroom time, preschoolers will also spend time tumbling, dancing, and moving inside Powerhouse’s 17,000 square foot gym.

The best part is that all these activities, after school care, and morning and afternoon snacks are all included in the price of tuition. And Powerhouse offers discounts for teachers and military personnel.

Class is in session August 17 and registration is already open. To secure your child’s spot, send an email to powerhousecheer@live.com.

Powerhouse is located at 907 E. 13th Ave. Belton, TX 76513.

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