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Spotlight on Kumon Waco

Kumon Math and Reading Center of Waco

If you’ve ever watched your child struggle through their homework or become frustrated because they don’t seem to grasp the concepts as quickly as their peers, then you know how heartbreaking it can be for both parent and child.

And while it often seems like solving these academic-related problems is impossible, Kumon Math and Reading Center of Waco instructor, Ms. Carol, said there is hope for every child in the Kumon program.

“Kumon’s been around for 60 years,” Ms. Carol said. “There are, internationally, more Kumon centers than there are McDonald’s. That’s how much they emphasize it.”

That is why Ms. Carol is so excited to bring this proven program to the children and families of Waco for the first time ever.

The beauty of the program, the instructor said, is that the program is tailored to each individual child to help them achieve their goals and get on track to becoming a more confident student.

“If students are coming in for remedial courses, I want to get them caught up to grade level by the end of the year, and by the summer, they will be getting ahead of the game.”

The idea, Ms. Carol said, is to make the child’s schoolwork easy.

“In high school, this means, having time to participate in extracurricular activities because you’re not spending hours struggling with homework,” she said. “You’ll be able to focus on getting into the school of your choice because schoolwork is no longer a burden.”

The instructor, who has several advanced degrees in education, and is a Kumon parent as well, said that Kumon is different from other education centers because every assignment is hand-graded.

“The idea is that once we grade it, the students are required to do the corrections before they leave the center,” Ms. Carol said. “You are getting that feedback immediately. Student know that in order to move on, they have to correct their mistakes.”

And because students’ work is so individualized, children don’t feel the peer pressure to perform a certain way. Often times, this inspires self-motivation in the child.

“That’s the thing about Kumon, we build confidence. We teach them the proper study approach and the right study habits,” Ms. Carol said. “Maybe they’re here for remedial courses, but at some point it clicks with them and you don’t hold them back. You want them to go as far as they can.”

The program focuses mainly on reading and mathematics, the instructor said, and is very affordable for parents.

“I always say to parents that they can either invest in their child’s education now or later,” she said. “And I guarantee that if it’s later, it’s going to be a lot more of a headache.”

For more information on Kumon Waco and how the program can help your child, visit kumon.com/Waco or call 254-313-9277. 


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