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Spotlight on iCode Waco

The world runs on technology, and iCode is providing local kids with opportunities to delve into this exciting field.

“Part of our mission at iCode is to build upon the resources provided by school districts and provide more extensive STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) opportunities in coding, game design, robotics, drones, and other digital programs that will help advance their futures,” said iCode director, Piper Green.

iCode’s programs allow students to quickly fix problems and solve them in different ways. These critical thinking and problem-solving skills help advance student’s creativity and prepare them for a variety of fields.

Not only will participants get the chance to learn material that will help them in future career endeavors, but they will also gain confidence and be able to express their creativity.

“At iCode, we offer a Belt program that is two hours per week and led by computer science instructors and lab mentors,” Green said. “Students earn badges and progress through courses.”

Children can also sign up for the Paths Program, which is a topic-focused STEM program that is broken up into monthly modules, or the Anytime Program that is a self-paced program built around learning through play. iCode also offers camps and hosts events.

The curriculum used in these programs is dynamic and student-focused, which is not only fun for kids, but also helps to build academic growth and team building skills.

For more information about what iCode offers and how to get your child involved, visit www.icodeschool.com/waco 0r call (254) 236-9909 to book a tour of the iCode facility. Green said she can even arrange for students to book a free trial class.

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Jessa McClure

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