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Spotlight on Hewitt Public Library

By Jessa McClure onMay 26, 2020

In years past, the Hewitt Public Library has drawn thousands of people to its summer events. But because the world looks a little different this year, the library has had to think outside the box to engage its loyal following. 

“We have come up with a concept called Hewitt Public Library On The Go,” said Hewitt Public Library director, Waynette Ditto. “We are creating virtual events that give our library members and our kids a way to become involved with the library even from afar.”

Events include themes like Book Day, where children can dress up like their favorite book character, Picnic Day, where families can have a picnic in their front yards, and LEGO Day where kids will be challenged to build LEGO structures created by library staff.

While kids and their families can be a part of the event by posting photos on the library’s Facebook page, they can also be involved with each theme by being a part of that day’s video.

“On the Monday before each event, we will drive by homes, businesses, nursing homes and some doctor’s offices and film people participating in the theme days,” Ditto said. “Then, on Tuesday we will put that footage together and share it on the day of the event (Wednesdays in June and July).”

Families can participate in the videos by following the link on the library’s website (cityofhewitt.com/32/library) or by following their Facebook page, and signing up for a specific date and time to be filmed.

“It’s definitely different than anything we’ve done in the past, but I think people will enjoy it,” the library director said.

Not only will Hewitt Public Library be offering online events, but they will also host weekly story times on the go, where librarians will read to children remotely from places in the community.

“Every week we’ll be in a different location like a farm, a swimming pool, and even a fishing hole where we’ll be teaching kids how to fish,” she said.

And even though library patrons can only participate remotely in summer events and story times, they can still visit the library to pick up books and videos they’ve reserved for HPL’s curbside service.

Ditto said books can be reserved for curbside in two ways—by logging onto your account online or by calling and reserving the books over the phone.

“We want to offer our patrons a message of hope,” she said. “Things are going to look different, but the Hewitt Public Library is here to support you. It’s going to be a fun summer…virtually.”

For more information about Hewitt Public Library, visit their Facebook page or call (254) 666-2442.



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By Jessa McClure | May 26, 2020
Categories:  Spotlight

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Jessa McClure

Jessa McClure

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