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Spotlight on Heart of Texas Cheer & Dance

When new athletes walk into the Heart of Texas Cheer gym, they are not only gaining the knowledge they need to become the best cheerleader they can be, but they are also gaining a family.

“People just feel comfortable when they come in, and we want to keep it that way,” HOT Cheer owner, Cindy Herbst said.

Some of Herbst’s athletes have loved HOT Cheer so much that they have returned as coaches after finishing college.

Herbst has more than two decades of experience coaching cheerleaders in the school system and in her own gym, and while earning awards and accolades is nice, she is more interested in creating a positive atmosphere and giving her athletes a good experience.

“Our program is not about the win. We focus on technique,” she said. “We have expectations and we work hard, but it’s more about the improvement and the journey they take.”

And you don’t have to be a seasoned cheerleader to be a member of this gym. There are classes and programs for kids of all ages and abilities.

“We have prep teams, which is an introduction to competitive cheer, performance teams, where they don’t actually compete, tumbling classes, and top-level teams,” Herbst said.

The gym has also started a special needs team, that they’re hoping to get off in the ground in the next couple of months.

“We’ve always wanted one, so we’re excited,” Herbst said. “Our athletes are excited as well because some of them will get to help.”

Not only will some of the gym’s top cheerleaders get to assist the coaches with training these special athletes, but they will also get the chance to be junior coaches in a leadership program Herbst calls the VIPs.

“They help with the younger teams and help to organize some of the community services we participate in,” she said.

The owner said she hopes that investing in her athletes’ character development will not only help them in their cheerleading careers, but also in their life outside of the gym.

For more information about Heart of Texas Cheer, visit heartoftexascheer.com or call 

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