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Spotlight on Central Texas Family Karate

Master Scott Bainton has been studying martial arts for more than three decades, and for the past ten years, has been instilling his knowledge into the students he teaches at Central Texas Family Karate.

And after a decade of helping kids go from beginners to black belts, Bainton and his wife have now opened a second location in Robinson to inspire even more Central Texas children.

One of the ways the Sensei Bainton and his staff serve the kids of the Waco area is through their after-school program.

“We pick up [kids] from 17 schools in Midway, Lorena, China Spring, and now Robinson,” he said. “And we’re looking to expand to La Vega and some North Waco schools in about a year or so.”

Bainton said the program is popular because it not only gives kids a safe place to go after school, but it also gives them the chance to stay active.

“A lot of people want their kids to be involved with martial arts, but they have to pick them from school and take them there themselves. I’ve already taken care of that by the time they get off work,” Bainton said. “You get after school care and I teach your kid how to be a black belt.”

Along with an emphasis on the art of Karate, Bainton also wants his students to be dedicated to their school work.

“If you’re a brown belt or above, you have to hold a 90 average,” he said. “And if you don’t, then I take your belt away until you get it back up.”

Students are also required to document daily reading and completed chores.

“My father, who originally created this program, was a cop and spent many years putting kids in jail. So, he decided in 1992 that he was going to keep them out of jail by putting this program together.”

For more information about Central Texas Family Karate, call 254-666-KICK (5425), or visit www.CentralTexasFamilyKarate.com.

And when Bainton isn’t teaching Karate, he rents out his Hewitt location for birthday parties under the name Bouncing Fun Factory.

“It’s all padded because this is where we do our Karate,” he said. “It’s very soft. This is where my daughter learned to walk.”

Renting the 8,000 square-foot space gives party-goers three inflatables to jump on, a foam pit to jump in, and much more.

“It’s an inexpensive place to play,” Bainton said. “And you get the entire building to yourself, so you don’t have to worry about your little kids being run over by another party’s kids.”

To book a celebration at Bouncing Fun Factory, call 254-709-0036. 

Click here to learn more about Central Texas Family Karate.


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