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Spotlight on Central Texas Athletics

Seven years ago, Sandy Golliheair started her volleyball coaching career by leading her granddaughter’s team through a successful season.

Golliheair loved coaching the team so much that she decided to start a volleyball club for aspiring players in the Waco area. She called it Waco Lightning Volleyball Club, and one team has now grown into 8 club teams and numerous league teams.

“My secret to success is working harder than the other guy,” she said. “We’re a small club, but we compete.”

Waco Lightning has league teams, club teams, clinics, and private lessons for those who are interested in improving their skills. Tryouts are going on now, and the fall season begins Sept. 5.

“[Our volleyball club] works with children of all skill levels from beginners to select players,” Golliheair said. “League is a great place to start. Clinics and camps are also very helpful in learning the fundamentals, and select ball will take the athlete to the next level of development.”

The volleyball club has had several homes, but last year they teamed up with Central Texas Athletics in Robinson. But not only does their gym have volleyball opportunities for kids, they also run similar programs for basketball offering league teams, select teams, clinics, and private lessons for those who are interested in improving their talent.

The CTXA basketball program has programs for both boys and girls from first grade up through high school. They offer individual and group training from former college basketball players, as well as sessions with trainers who specialize in working with children and youth. In addition, they have on site personal trainers who can tailor workouts to help children improve their skills and athleticism in whatever sport they are focused on

“They’re learning the right form to work out and they’re also talking about nutrition,” he said. “I think it’s important to develop a workout program and learn how to work out properly so you’ll continue to do it as an adult.”

Registration is already open for basketball for the fall season that runs through November and December.

To learn more about Waco Lightning Volleyball and Central Texas Athletics, visit their websites at www.wacolightningvolleyball.com or www.centraltexasathletics.com, or visit their location at 712 S. Robinson Dr., Robinson, TX 76706.

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Jessa McClure

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