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Settling In

By Jennifer Snyder
February was a very exciting month for Neat as a Pin.  After four years of officing out of my home and spending large chunks of time at Starbucks, I now have an office!  I was approached by a long-time friend and talented photographer, Marlo Collins, about setting up an office in her Gallery.  At first an office wasn't even on my radar yet the longer I thought about it the better it sounded. 

A tiny space but perfect for me is now dedicated to Neat as a Pin in the 25th Street Gallery.  There are some amazing businesses in there with me in addition to Marlo.  Caryn Brown of Digital Media Butterfly, Jordan Browning Wedding Consultant and massage therapist, Susan Ryals among a few others I have yet to meet.  It is an amazing restored 100-year old home and is open by appointment only.  If you would like to visit the Gallery, please let me know as I would love to show it off!

As part of moving into my little office, and by little I mean that your closet is likely bigger, I was faced with the question of form or function first?  I chose both!  Since it is such a small space, everything has a place and there is no room for unnecessary clutter.  (Decorations are a necessity, in case you were wondering.)  I struggled with where to put the ottoman and do I need a table, but in the end, I just do what works. 
Having had this opportunity I have a few recommendations for you when getting settled in.  Before buying everything you want for a space, start with just the necessities, see how they feel.  You can then add additional items one at a time based on your priorities until it feels just right.  It doesn't have to feel just right at first, it is a process - and one that is very worthwhile. 

Also, consider large, furniture-like things in your space.  Do you use them or are they just a place to put stuff?  If it just a place to put stuff think about the stuff...is it absolutely necessary?  Resist turning your valuable storage space into a warehouse.  Keep what you use and love and move out the rest.  I mean it!  Even your stapler should make you happy!  Mine does, it is covered with pink bling!  (Thanks Mav)

Becoming aware of what you have is the first step to the awakening process of your habits.  I would love to show off my little office and how I maximize my tiny space for incredible efficiency. 

The Gallery at 25th is also a beautiful event space.  In fact, on March 25th and April 1st, Salley Schmid LMFT and I will be hosting our second round of Unchain Yourself from Clutter seminars in there.  These are completely free although space is very limited. 

Finally, thank YOU for being a part of the success of Neat as a Pin!  If it weren't for amazing people in our community supporting and encouraging us we would be able to do the amazing work we do.  This is best place in the whole world to be.

Have a Neat day!

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