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School Bus

By Jessica Henson

By Donald Crews

Paperback, 32 pages.

Ages 2-5

Very easy read. This is a perfect selection for beginner readers because of the small word count. Each page consists of two to five words to be sure the young reader is not overwhelmed. From front to back, bright yellow school buses cover the majority of each page.

The story line of "School Bus" is very simple. It is a simple step by step guide allowing the reader to follow the rules and actions of a school bus and its passengers. The reader or viewer will discover where school buses come from and learn what a typical day of travel for a school bus consists of.

This is just the right book for preschoolers! This colorful story can prompt a group discussion of who has ever ridden a school bus and who might be a future first time rider.

On the other hand, because of the lack of words on each page, this book is not the most exciting to read aloud. For example, one page simply states, "GO!" while the next page says, "STOP. I would suggest this book for individual students to sound out and read to themselves, but as for a class read aloud, it might put you and the kids to sleep!

There is no message within the story, just a straightforward, "stop, go" plot.

  •  I do not recommend this


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By Jessica Henson

About the Author

Jessica Henson

Jessica Henson

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