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Say Y.E.S. to the B.U.S.

By Stephanie Falcone
How often do you drive your child to school? Every day? Every other? When they miss the bus? Driving your child to school may sound like the best option, but in fact, it is NOT. There are several variables assessed to answer this question so hop on board and I'll tell you why.

Safety is the number one factor. Driving a school bus is much more difficult than an average size vehicle. That is why all bus drivers are required to pass a written and skill based driving test. Once a Commercial Driver's License is obtained, additional training is provided by the school's district. Not only must the driver be accustomed to the rules of the road, but also how to load/unload passengers, and carry out emergency procedures if need be. Not just anyone is permitted to drive students to and from school. A thorough background check and drug/alcohol tests are conducted on all applicants prior to obtaining a license to drive a school bus. This systematic process ensures the children, our rising students, are in the hands of an exceptionally safe driver.

"I'm worried about my child being bullied.
I don't want my child around bad language.
I don't feel comfortable with my child around the big kids."

I'm sorry to say, but it is honestly impossible to remove your child from every off-putting circumstance. This is how children learn. Children, depending on the way they are raised, will make decisions on their own regarding whether to join in on carving their names in the back of the school bus, or quietly chatting with friends in the front. There comes a time when you need to give them a little push and let them leave the nest.

As for bullying, districts monitor the behavior now a days with video cameras inside and outside of the buses. This ensures the children are aware there is an extra eye on them and will not get away with sticking their tongue out at the bus driver when he or she turns around. Bullying is a serious issue and is never treated lightly by school administration.

National Center for Safe Routes to School declared 20 to 25 percent of morning rush hour traffic is attributable to parents driving their children to school.

You may be more comfortable with driving your child to school, but each and every parent that feels this way has a negative effect on traffic congestion. It is understandable to chauffeur your child to school if he or she may have missed the early morning bus, but every day is a tad excessive, don't you think? With the abundance of parents dropping off their child at the school door, school buses and faculty are held up. Holding up the staff and bus traffic causes a domino effect to occur, causing school to be delayed. If all students were to hop on the designated  bus at their correct time and place, the well designed school morning system would go as smooth as silk.

Enough with the worries. What about the positives? Give your child the opportunity to meet new friends. Allowing them to spread their wings and meet new people will make them more comfortable as they grow older. If they are always being held tight, driven to and from school, their communication skills will be hindered. Plus, it'll give you a little extra free time!

What do you say? Say yes to the bus! Back To Top

By Stephanie Falcone

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Stephanie Falcone

Stephanie Falcone

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