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Refresh Your Morning Routine with These Tips

If you’re like me, your morning routine could use a makeover. Most mornings I’m rushing through the house, throwing clothes at children, choking down a quick breakfast, and telling everyone and their dog to “hurry up.” After everyone is dressed, and in the car, I feel a sudden pang of guilt and shame that I acted like a crazy person for the first 30 minutes of the day. 

So, I did a little research and I found some ways that I can refresh my morning routine. I hope they help you find the right balance before you start your day. 

Start the Night Before

If you want your morning to run smoothly, you need to have everything ready to go the night before. So, before you climb in bed and binge watch a season of your favorite show, take a few minutes to get things in order. 

·         Set out clothes that can be used for working out, doing yoga or stretching.

·         Pick up around the house so that you wake up to an uncluttered environment.

·         Prepare breakfast and lunch items as best you can for the coming day.

·         Review your calendar and make sure you have what you need for the next day. 

Wake up at the Same Time

Our bodies crave routine and waking up at the same time every day will help you wake earlier and be alert more quickly. 

Avoid Social Media

I know it’s easy to flip through Facebook or Instagram when you’re trying to wake up, but it might be beneficial to use other methods to alert your brain that sleep time is over. 

·         Drinking a glass of water – Your body is generally in a state of dehydration when you first wake in the morning, so giving your cells a boost of H2O might be just the thing to give you the wakefulness you crave.

·         Stretching/Yoga or exercising – If you sit at a desk all day long, you probably won’t be moving around much during the day. Starting your morning with some light exercise can stimulate blood flow and create better mental clarity.

·         Having quiet time or meditating – Mornings are crazy (especially when children are involved), so taking five minutes to write in a journal, take some deep breaths, pray or meditate can help you start the day in a calmer, more focused state-of-mind. 

Review Your Calendar/To-Do List

While looking over your calendar or to-do list sounds stressful, it is actually a helpful step. Knowing what you can expect from your day will help you feel more prepared and confident that you can tackle whatever the day throws at you. 

Say One Positive Thing

Now that you are calm and ready to hit the ground running, make sure your children feel the same way. Try to say at least one positive thing to your child before you go your separate ways in the morning. It can be as simple as saying, “I’m so proud of you” or “You’re going to have a great day.” 

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Jessa McClure

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